7 Coolest Things To Teach Your Dog

7 Coolest Things To Teach Your Dog

1. Sit – It serves many purposes

One of the simplest but most practical tricks is that when your dog sits, she must remain there until you give her another order. When you don’t want your dog to go around and bother you while you’re busy, it’s excellent.Outdoors, it keeps your dog safe.

2. Open and Close a Door

You should only teach your dog this trick if you are certain that she won’t frequently use it to dash outside. While teaching this skill to large dogs is straightforward, teaching it to smaller breeds will likely be more difficult at first. Also bear in mind that larger breeds, if overexcited, may leave significant scratch marks on the door.Therefore, teach your dog to only open doors which have ropes or a stuffed toy attached to the door handle. Which doors are safe for your dog to open in this manner can be chosen by you. It must be a lever-handled door.

  1. Attach a rope or a toy to the door handle and invite the dog to tug on the object.
  2. After he tugs, compliment him and give him a treat (only when your dog has done it successfully).
  3. After teaching him to open doors, you can hold a treat in such a way that it encourages him to close them by jumping on them.

3. Play Hide & Seek

  1. Get your pooch to sit and stay.
  2. Slowly back away, making sure he stays put.
  3. Hide somewhere close and pretty obvious, and say COME! GIve a treat when he comes.
  4. Gradually hide in more difficult places, out of sight. It’s challenging to keep a smile on your face while he paces the house looking for you. And it’s great when he beams with happiness after finding you!

4. Play Soccer

Soccer is a great choice because it only requires the use of one’s feet as a requirement for a doggone entertaining activity. Dogs are inherently good at soccer, so teaching them the game is much more fun. In order to prevent your dog from wanting to eat the soccer ball, choose one that is just a hair larger than their mouth.Using a larger ball will also prevent him from grabbing it and taking off with it (a foul in dog soccer). Additionally, select a deserted park or garden to prevent your dog from chasing other kids. Additionally, be sure to stock up on snacks so you can reward her for good dribbling with rewards.

  1. Get her acquainted with the soccer ball, by giving it to her and allowing her to smell it. Give her a treat and congratulate her immediately away if she begins to move the ball by herself. Try moving the ball softly in her general direction and encourage her to pick up the game if she doesn’t appear interested.
  2. Encourage your dog by praising her every time she touches the ball with her nose or paw. You’ll realise that it was entirely worthwhile even though it could take several trips to the park to get her to dribble the ball like a pro. Her Buckhead Paws pet sitter can take her to the park anytime you can’t!
  3. Once she is comfortable with the concept, start kicking the ball farther away from you and encouraging her to dribble it back to you. Give her a treat at the end to motivate her to play with you the following time.

5. Water Fetch

It’s a lot of fun to play water fetch near the pool or on the beach. But before you can teach your dog this, you must first teach her how to swim if she is neither a Labrador or a Spaniel. You should purchase a life jacket for your dog as well, just in caseGet in the water first, and then encourage your dog to do the same by rewarding them with treats. When your dog is comfortable floating, you can use a floating ball or other toy to motivate him to fetch it.

6. Sing

Many dogs simply enjoy the sound of their own voices, which is why they will sing if you pick up an instrument and start to play, or if her voice is being used as an instrument. favorite song is playing on the radio. Others, though, will require some motivation. WARNING: If you reside in an apartment and have unfriendly neighbours, it might not be a smart idea! (Some dogs would rather train when you’re not home.)Find your dog’s favourite musical genre by playing them a variety of styles. If you stick with it after you’ve found it, your dog will start singing along with you. You must lead by example for the group since you are the dominant individual. As a result, you’ll need to practise howling. Dogs are the direct offspring of wolves, so they will easily howl when provoked.

7. High-Five – Surprisingly easy!

Simply tell your dog to sit, and then encourage her by giving her a treat afterward. Don’t forget to tap one of her feet while you say “high five” and hold the reward out in front of her, just out of her reach. Most dogs will Usually, they will point their paw toward the treat you are holding. If so, take hold of her paw with your hand and give her a treat.


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