App Store, Maps, and other apps suffer when Apple services are interrupted (updated)

App Store, Maps, and other apps suffer when Apple services are interrupted

Have you noticed that various Apple services are unavailable? You’re not by yourself. As Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman notes, Apple’s system status page indicates outages across several major services, including the App Store, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, on-device AppleCare, Find My, the iTunes Store, Maps and radio. Certain users are affected, and issues may be “intermittent” (App Store) or cause slowdowns, according to the warnings. We’ve asked Apple for comment.
Apple appears to be recovering. Gurman first became aware of issues with the Podcasts app, as well as with apps for school and work including Schoolwork and Apple Business Manager. Even yet, as of the time of this writing, those products had been recovered, and Apple had labelled the acn as a “resolved outage.” According to reports, corporate and retail systems were down and have begun to recover.

This isn’t the first time Apple has experienced a major service outage, and it’s not as catastrophic as in the past. In late 2020, the firm had many disruptions, including one on Christmas, which may have been caused by an influx of new customers. Still, if you need to grab an app or get to a mid-day meeting, this isn’t exactly exhilarating.
3:45 p.m. ET, March 21: Apple currently claims that all outages have been fixed, including one with Fitness+ that arose following early reports.


Can you still use an app that has been removed from the App Store?

Yes. Current users of your app will continue to be able to use it fully. They won’t suffer service interruptions, and they can continue making in-app purchases.

Why is my Apple App Store Not Working?

Ensure that your computer or other device is online.
Connect to any website using any web browser. Use a different device connected to the same network to test whether it can access any websites if nothing loads. Turn off your Wi-Fi router, then turn it back on to reset it if no other devices can access the internet.

What happens when you Report an issue on Apple Maps?

Your report and the related information will be utilised to fix the problem and enhance Maps. Your information is protected by Apple Maps, which also gives you the option to control what you share. Information is gathered by Maps Report an Issue to assist in resolving reported problems. This data is kept in connection with your Apple ID.

Why I Cannot download apps in App Store?

Examine your available storage.
A lack of storage on your device may prevent programmes from downloading and installing. If any of the following occurs, your smartphone may be running out of storage space: Your device has less than 1 GB of storage left.

How do you delete a report in Apple Maps?

The report cannot be changed, but it will be examined without more action from you. Enjoy.


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