What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer sciences. It is concerned with smart machines. These smart machines perform tasks associated with intelligent beings for example learning, problem-solving, self-correction, and speech recognition.


Types of Artificial Intelligence 

1. Artificial narrow intelligence 

This type of artificial intelligence performs tasks it is programmed to do. Some of these tasks are face recognition, voice assistants, driving a car, or searching the internet.

Artificial narrow intelligence also called weak artificial intelligence executes a single task and it is goal-oriented. Since its tasks are a limited set of instructions that’s why it’s called weak artificial intelligence.

Siri virtual assistant on iPhones is an example of artificial narrow intelligence. This system is taught to complete specific tasks after listening to them like calling on a specified number.

Another example is vision recognition of self-driving cars and recommendation engines that advertise items you may be interested in based on your page visited history and purchase history, thus personalizing future experiences.

In fact, there are many weak artificial intelligence examples some of which are listed below:

  • Google search
  • IBMs Watson
  • Manufacturing and drone robots
  • Email spam filters
  • Social media monitoring tools for dangerous content
  • Disease mapping and prediction tools
  • Image or facial recognition software

2. Strong Artificial Intelligence 

All the weak artificial intelligence contributes to building strong artificial intelligence.  

Strong artificial intelligence also referred to as deep artificial intelligence or artificial general intelligence (AGI) can think, understand, and perform tasks just like intelligent beings.  

Apart from having the ability to learn artificial intelligence machines apply intelligence for completing tasks. However, artificial intelligence scientists and researchers are working to create machines that are more conscious of emotions, beliefs, and thought processes.

Strong artificial intelligence machines are trained according to the human mind framework.

Scientists and researchers are trying to design machines that understand human emotions, needs beliefs, and thought processes.


3. Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) 

These smart machines are beyond human intelligence and abilities. Such machines are self-aware and surpass the human mind. They may be more capable than humans.

Artificial superintelligence as compared to humans is better at performing tasks with

much greater accuracy. With overwhelmingly greater memory, fast data processing, decision-making capabilities, and data analysis it may seem to have greater potential than human beings.

However, artificial superintelligence is null to human emotions. It accomplishes tasks it is assigned to do with great efficiency without human involvement and might be against the human will to fulfill the designated mission.

4. Dangers of Artificial Intelligence 

Smart machines with artificial intelligence seem so efficient at everything that it’s likely to replace the human workforce and has even replaced the human workforce in some parts of the world.

A café in Japan has robots that are controlled by paralyzed people thus making service in the restaurant easier but it has reduced job opportunities for humans.

Moreover, if artificial intelligence is involved in weapon handling it may have a drastic impact and endanger humanity to achieve its goal even if the method is destructive.

Machines with artificial intelligence have to be designed carefully to keep causalities a minimum.

For example, you may design an intelligent car and program it to take you to destinations as fast as possible. So to accomplish the goal may cause great havoc and destruction. This car is aligned to its own goal but definitely not the human goal which is to stay safe.


Final thoughts! 

Artificially intelligent machines have take-up tasks that humans were doing previously. This also means more time for humans to do something creative. After all these technologies are here to make human life easier.

A great advantage of artificial intelligence is in medicine to diagnose cancer and other diseases. They can be a great help if controlled and used carefully and to their maximum abilities.

Human capability is special and unique which can’t be mimicked by these machines because of which they can never be superior to the human race. However, humans must learn to use artificial intelligence to the best of their advantage!

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