Best Makeup Tips For Beginners in 2021 |

Best Makeup Tips For Beginners in 2021 |

Do you want to always look your best and know how to make the most of your makeup?

Want to look your best at all times and know how to use your makeup best? Here is a perfect guide of makeup tips for beginners about how to create unique, flawless, and glamorous makeup looks. 


The most important makeup tip for beginners is choosing the right foundation for your skin. Always select a foundation color that is one or two tones lighter than your skin, and while testing a foundation, DO NOT apply it to your arm. Instead, apply it on your jawline because that’s where you are gonna be wearing it and not your hand or arm.

You definitely don’t want to end up choosing a mismatched color for your face, so test it on the face or neck. This is a useful makeup tip for beginners that will help them.

Another makeup tips for beginners is to keep in mind to select a foundation, highlighter, blush, and bronzer that compliments your skin, eye, and hair color.

Lighter shades of bronzer and blush create a softer, fresher, and natural look, while dark and intense shades create a sharper and bolder look. 

Primers are a three in one product. It is used on the high points of the face like the nose, brow bone, and cheekbones. Primers can also be patted around the eyes.

They prevent the makeup from smudging by absorbing oils and hold onto the applied makeup.  This is yet another important makeup tip for beginners.

The most important makeup tip for beginners is don’t apply makeup if you have acne on your face. It might make your skin even worse and more sensitive so this is another pro makeup tip for beginners.

Pro tip 1: don’t apply a lot of foundation on your face. Your face may seem to appear cakey. 

Pro tip 2: moisture your face before applying the makeup. Like this, your base won’t crack on the face, and no fine lines are visible. 

Eyes and eyebrows

Starting from the eyelids when you plan onto wearing an eye shadow that shows firstly set a pale brown, light pink, or cream-yellow shade over the eyelid.

Even shimmery white will do. Now when you apply the desired eye shadow, it shows up more prominently. This makeup tip for beginners helps them do better makeup.

Now blend in the eyeshade you want but do not take it up to your eyebrows. It shows like your eyes are sunken in, and that’s kind of a makeup disaster. Also, your eyes may look dimensionless. 

Blend in a little darker shade at the outer corners of your eyes to make the eyes look bigger. 

For the wing eyeliner to be accurate, use scotch tape and this is a much-needed makeup tip for beginners. Put it in an angular position along the eye corner and carry the brush or pencil along the fine line.

If you feel you can’t do this then you can also put dashes to shape the eyeliner and fill it in later when the shape seems fine to you. ( that’s how I do it too.)

Blend your eye shadows a lot, so they look smooth and swift. 

Coming to mascara, after applying it, always remove the clumps with the help of a tissue paper. Clumped up mascaras may spoil your perfect makeup look and make you feel heavy on your eyes.

Eyebrows are the game-changer. They can change the entire look on your face.   Fill in your eyebrows with a pencil and give feathery strokes.

This gives a more natural look. Highlight the arch from the above and underneath of your eyebrow to give the eyebrow a definite shape, and this also looks dramatic.

Lip liner and lipstick tips

Apply a lip balm or a chapstick over your lips to moisturize them. Exfoliate your lips. Like this, your lipstick won’t be chunky or odd-looking. Like this, there are more makeup tips for beginners so keep reading ahead.

Always start applying the lipstick from the center of your lips and move outwards gently. This gives a flawless and much perfect look and is another excellent makeup tip for beginners.

To make your lips look plumper and fuller, overline the outer margins of your lips. But don’t go overboard as it may look tacky. Also, you can fill-in the center of the lips with a lighter color to make them look fuller.

These are some really useful makeup tips for beginners.


Here are some more makeup tips for beginners.

Don’t try to adjust every makeup product on your face. You might not necessarily need a blush, contouring pallets, and lipstick for the proper makeup; you just need the skills.

At times lip tints can be used as blushes too. Like that, your light-toned shimmery eye shadows can be used as highlighters too. These are some much-needed makeup tips for beginners.

Apply the kind of makeup that suits your face. It’s okay if the matte lipstick doesn’t suit you well, you can try gloss and glow like a pro! 

Most importantly, keep your makeup brushes clean. It might sound selfish, but don’t let everyone use your makeup brush. It’s okay to share the pallets but not the brushes. You might end up getting acne or transferring acne to someone else. So take care!


What is the most important step of makeup?

Primer is a crucial initial step whether you intend to use a little layer of foundation or a full face of makeup. Makeup that is applied using primer will remain longer.

Which makeup brand is best?

Because it caters to the demands of many skin tones and types, from dry to oily, Lakme is one of the greatest cosmetics brands in India. Lakme is well-known for its natural makeup and has a large global reach.

What is the simple makeup?

Nude makeup looks for beginners
Starting with a clean face, conceal imperfections and discoloration with a transparent foundation or a light-colored moisturiser. Keep in mind that a heavy base will not have the desired effect! Apply a matte or shimmery eyeshadow all over the lids.

How do I choose a foundation for a beginner?

If you’re new to makeup, experiment with a powder foundation that suits your skin tone. According to Mally Roncal, a cosmetic artist in New York City, “it’s the easiest to apply and it dissolves into the skin more readily than liquid solutions.” A cream foundation in a compact is the next easiest


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