Brilliant Ways to WEIGHT LOSS in 2021

Brilliant Ways to WEIGHT LOSS in 2021

When it comes to making a change to a healthy lifestyle, losing weight is both a difficult objective and a significant accomplishment. The time it takes to lose weight varies from person to person, but consistency and resolve can hasten your progress.

If you are someone who has been looking for weigh loss tips which aren’t restricted to only specific foods but also gives you a mini-guide about other factors you can include to enhance the weight loss process, read ahead!


1. The Ketogentic Diet

For weight loss one can restrict their diet by cutting onto excessive carbohydrates and fats.  Increase portions of proteins and fluid intakes and prefer switching to a restricted diet.  Ketogenic diets are very beneficial when it comes to weight loss.

Exercising along with keto diet is a plus point. You might be able to lose weight faster than you ever thought.  

To follow a keto diet a person can have proteins in form of red and white meat along with poultry. Consume cottage cheese, eggs and plain Greek yogurt as well. Include fruits and veggies like Avogadro, spinach, broccoli etc as they are not weight gaining meals.

Don’t forget to add a handful of dry fruits to your keto diet and try preparing your meals in olive oils.

2. Intermitted Fasting

Another helpful and very effective strategy for weight loss is intermitted fasting. This is an eating pattern that a person follows and there are no diet restrictions.

Regular time periods are allocated for fasting and eating for instance a person would allow himself to eat from 12 noon till 8 pm and then not eat anything for the rest of the time period. Like this a pattern is set for eating. Another way of doing intermitted fasting is by allowing yourself to consume a certain meal only twice a week. 

Through this a person keeps himself away from excessive eating or over eating a particular meal.

3. Plant Based Diet

Plant based diets are also effectual for weight loss. Plant derived foods are mainly the focus of consumption with little, limited or no animal sourced foods. However, this diet is not purely vegetarian.

Salads and sandwiches can be eaten with juices. These diets are packed with fibers and have minimum calories.

Fluid Intake

Keep your body well hydrated as well. Have a lot of water. Increase intakes of cabbage soups or vegetable soups, green teas, lemonades, and fresh juices. Black tea and ginger tea can also be consumed as they also don’t contribute to weight gain.


Exercising is essential for weight loss.  The person can walk or jog in parks on a daily basis and visit the gym for other exercises.

If visiting a park isn’t feasible you can make a sports area in your house and keep a treadmill that you use at least for 20 to 30 minutes every day to exercise.  Another excellent exercise for weight loss is cycling, which is also a lot of fun. With weight loss it will also help you strengthen your muscles and increase stamina. Swimming helps to reduce weight as well.

Yoga can also be helpful. Yoga is great for releasing stress and relaxing the body and mind.  Pilates is another cardio exercise that helps in weight loss.

For weight loss squats with side left life, pushups squat jumps and plank jacks are also very beneficial. 

Some Possibilities Of Gaining Weight

With weight loss exercises and diets it’s very important to avoid foods that are weight gaining. Avoid junk foods, sodas, and burgers and pizzas that are rich in carbohydrates.  

Limit foods that are too salty. Excess salt in body retains more water in the body thus leading to obesity and swelling of the body

Final Word

Finally, cut onto your sugar sugary intakes as well. Refrain from sitting for very long hours and participate in physical activities to curb weight gain.

Have proper sleep; don’t keep yourself sleep deprived. Problems with thyroid, kidneys and heart can also lead to obesity so take care of your inner self. Keep yourself free from anxiety and stress!

Stay content! Cheers!


What is the fastest proven method to lose weight?

Avoiding sugary drinks is frequently the quickest method to reduce weight, and as an added benefit, it helps to prevent diabetes and heart disease.

Where do you lose weight first?

Most of the time, losing weight involves your own body. You will start to lose soft fat, such as that around your waist and thighs, after losing the hard fat that surrounds your organs, such as the liver and kidneys. You become leaner and stronger as a result of losing fat around your organs.

What is the hardest place to burn fat?

Our stomach and abdominal regions have beta cells, which makes it harder to simply reduce the fat and lose weight in these places as opposed to parts like the legs, face, and arms. However, according to study, belly fat is the hardest to lose since it is so much more difficult to break down than other types of fat.

Where do females gain weight first?

The hips, arms, and thighs are common places for women to accumulate fat, giving them what is known as a “pear-shape.” The chest and abdomen are the other places on women’s bodies where fat deposition is common. Such women are referred to as “apple-shaped” because of their thin arms and legs.

How often is weight loss successful?

According to research, 80% of persons who lose a large amount of body fat will not continue to lose weight at that rate for 12 months, and dieters often gain back more than half of what they lost within two years, per a meta-analysis of intervention trials.



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